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What is WHMIS 2015?
WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS 2015 is designed and developed to align with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labeling of chemicals. WHMIS 2015 is designed to educate the worker and employer in Classifying Hazardous Workplace Materials, Safety Data Sheets (formerly material safety data sheets), Labels and Pictograms (formerly symbols).


Is WHMIS 2015 GHS Compliant
Yes, WHMIS 2015 is designed to provide education on the recently developed Globally Harmonized System.


Who needs WHMIS training?
WHMIS training is legally mandatory for all workers who are exposed to, or likely to be exposed to a hazardous material or controlled product at the workplace.


Who is responsible for WHMIS training and WHMIS education?
It is the obligation of the employer to ensure that their staff is properly educated and trained. M.E.T.I.’s online WHMIS 2015 is a means of education and, in some instances, additional site-specific training is required.


How often do I need WHMIS training?
M.E.T.I.’s WHMIS certification is valid for three years but every company must evaluate their WHMIS program annually or more often if mandated by an alteration in work conditions or hazard information. It is imperative to evaluate your company program to make certain that your employees are still adequately trained and knowledgeable. To determine if your employees are adequately trained, they should be able to accurately answer the following questions:

Who needs WHMIS training?


Is M.E.T.I.’s Online WHMIS 2015 general or site specific?
General education covers such things as the regulations, labels, SDSs, controlled products, pictograms etc. M.E.T.I.’S WHMIS 2015 is an education piece. Site-specific training covers things like how to work safely within your workplace environment, where personal protective equipment and Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) are located, etc.


Does M.E.T.I.’s WHMIS course meet regulatory requirements?
Yes, it meets general WHMIS training requirements set out by Health Canada and HRSDC. The responsibility to ensure workers are trained, and the manner in which training is conducted, always rests with the employer, and, in most cases, additional site-specific training is required.


How long does it take to complete the online course?
The average trainee can complete WHMIS 2015 in about one hour.


I am the supervisor. How can I monitor my employee's progress?
As a supervisor, you can have access to a Facilitator Account site where you can observe and track each employee's progress. In addition to this, as a facilitator, you can access quiz scores, view certificates and activate accounts. You can also re-register any employee who has to retake the course; possibly due to their certification being expired.


Why train with M.E.T.I.?
Our courses include graphics, tips and real world examples, all designed be interactive, engaging and entertaining. Our courses are developed by a certified curriculum developer, subject matter experts and industry- involved professionals. M.E.T.I.’s support is not automated. You will receive personal, professional, friendly and knowledgeable support.


I’m not comfortable using computers, will it be difficult?
No, the courses have been designed and developed in association with IT professionals and are fitting to all computer skill levels. We have a user friendly platform with a how- to-navigate section for people new to on-line training.


If I cannot finish all the training at once, can I finish from where I left off later?
Yes, if you exit WHMIS 2015 before completing it, a bookmark is automatically placed; which means there’s no need to worry about finishing the workshop all at once. The system allows you to log-on and log-off at your convenience so you can progress through the training at your own pace, even if you used a different computer. It is available 24 hours a day.


Will I get a certificate?
Upon successful completion of the training, a certificate will be generated for you. We can also send you a certificate to confirm that you have completed the online training.