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Purchase training online from a large catalog of courses and store all your training records in a secure repository. Receive personalized certificates.

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M.E.T.I.’s Online Safety Training

M.E.T.I. provides quality, cost-effective online safety training.

M.E.T.I.’s popular online safety training is a quality, cost-effective eLearning solution to industry-approved safety training and certification.

Along with our safety training & services and full-time programs, we accommodate over 700 managers globally, who train their employees with our on-line training.

Our online safety training is an ideal alternative for employers and managers, with our volume discount pricing, training reports, and manageable employee accounts.

You can purchase online safety training from a large catalog of courses, store all training records in a secure repository, and receive personalized certificates.

Online Safety Training Advantages

  • Employees trained via eLearning bring in 26% more revenue
  • eLearning training requires 40-60% less employee time than alternatives
  • Over 41% of Fortune 500 companies are using eLearning already
  • The eLearning industry has grown over 900% since 2000
  • M.E.T.I.’s popular online safety training is industry-approved
  • Our online courses are designed and developed by our professional program development team and are geared to adult learners
  • Our online courses save you time and money
  • You and your team can train anywhere, anytime with our online courses
  • Our online courses are mobile responsive, which means you can take them on tablets, iPads or smart phones

Your Online Safety Course

Upon completion of your safety training, your safety tickets will be provided. Whether you are looking for a safety ticket, a safety certification, or completion of a safety course, this is the correct place for you. Upon completion of any of our online safety training, you will receive a wallet-size Ticket or Certificate and a wall Ticket or Certificate (call them what you will), that will show prospective employers that you have the right credentials.

Your Online Safety Training

Prospective employers may require confirmation of your online safety training. Your online safety training records are kept on our online platform permanently and you can access them anytime, anywhere.